Saturday, April 12, 2014

Doomed On Planet Earth 7" Mercenaries/Heart Attack (BTCP Records 1982)

This Philly 2 sider has been on a constant rotation since procured several months back. I always wonder what some of these bands were into way back when that inspired them to produce such ahead of the curve music. Both tracks on this one have that razor sharp art damage guitar tone mixed with a great vocal effort switching from male to female for each side. Mercenaries has a kinda desperate nervous feel to it mixed with a catchy Farfisa organ that works very well with the tune. Heart Attack sounds like it could pass for something Lili Z would have done earlier this decade. Great vocals with bombastic guitar and drumming. Promotional matchbooks exist that originally came with the record but my copy unfortunetly did not.

Side 1 - Mercenary

Side 2 - Heart Attack


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