Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bored to Death - 6 Song 7" (Recess Records 1994)

This one has been near and dear to me ever since I picked it up many a moon ago. Bored To Death were a group of youngins out of Phoenix Arizona that happen to spit out one of my favorite 7"s from the 90's. In the mid to late 90's, FYP would play here in Bakersfield on a fairly regular basis. Those shows were a lot of fun plus I always knew that they would bring a good amount of Recess releases and distro goods. At that time I would buy just about any 7" recess would put out, Yah Mos (Great Record), Pud, Les Turds, Sheep Squeeze even Second Hand. The Bored To Death 7" had a much bleaker feel and sound compared to the other Recess releases which is probably my favorite thing about it. Kids hating life and where they live has typically been a good formula for a punk record and this one is no exception. 2 versions of this record excists which has always confused me do to the info being the same on both as saying 1st press 500. The orange cover with black vinyl version was miss labled as Garden Weasel on one side which oddly enough was Recess records release #3. The other side has a white hub and is hand decroated. Any pressing info would be greatly appreciated as well as any info as to whatever happened to these guys. This 7" and a track on the 7" comp Play At You Own Risk Vol 1 is all they to the world.

Bored to Death - Side 1 - I Hate You More

Bored to Death - Side 1 - Labor Love

Bored to Death - Side 1 - I Wanna Leave

Bored to Death - Side 2 - Bored to Death Anthem

Bored to Death - Side 2 - Addict Song

Bored to Death - Side 3 - My Own Plan

Tyros 7" - Parasites/Cold Shot (Widget Records 1979)

Spent some time on getting better recordings for the blog and I think it worked. Thanks goes to Ryan and Brad X for their input. This next one is where I got the name for the blog and was also going to be my introductory post but, the Mannequin 7" edged it out. Tyros were from Pacific Grove CA and only released this little 2 song gem in 1979. A member apparently was also in JJ-180 who later went on to become The Realtors, had to throw that in. The song Parasite was a very cynical take on the average big rock band fan. They really nailed it back then and their message still rings true to this day. The flip is a tune called Cold Shot which isn't to shabby itself. Parasite can also be heard on Hyped to Death #3

Tyros - Side 1 - Parasites

Tyros - Side 2 - Cold Shot