Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anti-Band LP "Only Album" (Zebian Records 1983)

Well, I finally broke down and decided to post an LP instead of a 7" for once. If you're like me and become short on patience when it comes to checking out music via the web don't worry, this thing is over before you know it and is killer from start to finish. Anti-Band hailed from Los Angeles, CA and had released a 3 song 7" on Zebian the year before this LP came out. The 7" songs also appear on the LP but I'm not sure if they're the same versions. The LP cover is a total DIY job with a hand stamp front cover and what looks like a paste-on insert on the back. Speaking of DIY, Zebian was also responsible for the DIY Album compilation which included Black Flag, Red Rockers, The Slickee Boys etc. The pressing info on this one is a bit hazy, somewhere between 300-500 copies. I know they don't pop up much.

Song 1. Biplane

Song 2. Go

Song 3. Dominion

Song 4. Success

Song 5. Jealous Guy

Song 1. Undersign

Song 2. Krazimanifesto

Song 3. Fast High

Song 4. In Love With A Cat

Song 5. Amnesia