Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Tweenagers 7" California Clones/Brown Cal Sun (Hollywood Records 1980)

  Oh, the joy of living in California. Love it or hate it, I have called it home for my entire life. For all the sunshine and fun, it has more than it's fare share problems. A couple of those problems were perfectly addressed on this seldom seen 2 sider. The Tweenagers put out this one and only 7" in 1980 on Hollywood records and then seemed to disappear. The little info I have on it is that Johnny Forever was a member and that either most of these were junked or someone is sitting on a box of them somewhere. Either way, not many of these are floating around out there. Both sides are undeniably catchy and well recorded. These songs bring to mind another great California band from the same period, The Shock. They have a similar style of writing in that they have a very balanced blend of melody, power, and spite. In my internet digging I did find this page that has a little info on the band It seems they played around at the right places. Too bad there's not more info out there on them.

Side A: California Clones

Side B: Brown Cal Sun