Monday, May 31, 2010

Mannequin 7" - Return to Cinder (Closet Records)

Welcome to Rock N Roll Parasite! As a first post, I was hoping to wet the appetite of my fellow collectors with this obscure Texas rarity. Mannequin were from San Antonio Texas and their Return To Cinder 7" was released on Closet records, the same label that brought us another Texas behemoth, The Rejects. Like the Rejects, the Mannequin 7" also shares a freakishly small press of 100 copies. This is an interesting release as their sound stretches from early Posh Boy (Trouble In The City) Vom (Elizebeth Loves my Girl) to more Pere Ubu PIL territory (Just Trying To Be In The 20th Century). Get an ear full of why you can't mess with Texas.

Side 1
1. Poodle in the Microwave

2. Trust In Authority

3. Elizabeth Loves My Girl

Side 2
1. Trouble in the City

2. Just Trying to be in the 20th Century