Saturday, April 7, 2012

Unabombers 7" 6 Minutes Of Hell (Hellbound Records 1996)

Without even hearing this one, the cover makes it an instant buy. An oversize envelope sleeve with a crude silk screen job has always been a tempting combination for picking up a record that you've never heard. It can also backfire and turn out to be a bad Emo/Screamo record as the 90's were known for churning out. During that period of the 90's, the whole DIY/Emo/Ebulition records thing was kicked into full gear. I'm not necessarily saying that that was a bad thing. There were just a lot of records being pumped out with numerous micro scenes trying to stake their claim in that scene as well. In short, an over abundance of mediocre to shitty records were floating around. Fortunately, this record was far from that. The Unabombers were a short lived (About 7 months) Washington band that did one U.S. tour and one record. 500 were pressed, but only 200 came with a booklet and all were on red vinyl. The record itself is a relentless 6 song noisy, hateful,rager that never lets up. Pick your King era, Poison Idea comes to mind when describing their sound. When the Unabombers called it a day, guitarist Nate Manning and guitarist Gabe, resurfaced in the Murder City Devils where they have gone on to find fame and fortune.

Side A

1. Prepare The Transmitter

2. Pistol Whip

3. 45th and 8th

Side B

1. Van-Eating Suicide Pack

2. Windstorm 95

3. More Gold