Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anti-Band LP "Only Album" (Zebian Records 1983)

Well, I finally broke down and decided to post an LP instead of a 7" for once. If you're like me and become short on patience when it comes to checking out music via the web don't worry, this thing is over before you know it and is killer from start to finish. Anti-Band hailed from Los Angeles, CA and had released a 3 song 7" on Zebian the year before this LP came out. The 7" songs also appear on the LP but I'm not sure if they're the same versions. The LP cover is a total DIY job with a hand stamp front cover and what looks like a paste-on insert on the back. Speaking of DIY, Zebian was also responsible for the DIY Album compilation which included Black Flag, Red Rockers, The Slickee Boys etc. The pressing info on this one is a bit hazy, somewhere between 300-500 copies. I know they don't pop up much.

Song 1. Biplane

Song 2. Go

Song 3. Dominion

Song 4. Success

Song 5. Jealous Guy

Song 1. Undersign

Song 2. Krazimanifesto

Song 3. Fast High

Song 4. In Love With A Cat

Song 5. Amnesia

Saturday, July 2, 2011

TBA 7" (Self-Released 1985)

July is here so that means Bako has officially turned into a burning hell. Staying in doors and spinning records will be on the agenda for this weekend as well as throwing up this next post. TBA were 3 youngins from DC that gave us this one and only 7" (300 pressed) way back in 1985. DC had been laying the ground work for Hardcore and post Hardcore for several years by 1985, but it seems as if their home town's musical legacy practically had no influence on them. At first listen, one would assume that they called Southern California home and were into bands like Rhino 39 or the Simpletones. Not too many bands around the DC area at that time were singing songs about the beach, girls, and buying booze with a fake I.D. These guys had chops and also a very creative way of making sleeves for their 7". This thing is very cleverly folded and houses one of the best band photos you could ever ask for. I should also mention that Don Zientara engineered this so if his Minor Threat, Government Issue, Faith, Fugazi etc., credits aren't enough, he'll always have the TBA 7" to back him up.

Side A
Song 1 Don't Say Don't

Song 2 Model Girl

Side B
Song 3 Another Day At The Beach

Song 4 Fake I.D.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Xmas Eve 7" (self-released 1982)

Side A
Paint It Red

My House

Side B

Life's A Penitentiary

At first glance, this sleeve screams private press metal. That assumption quickly fades as soon as you drop the needle and you hear an outstanding artpunk record come spewing through your speakers. Xmas Eve hailed from El Sobrante, California which is in the East Bay not too far from Berkeley. These guys played around the usual venues like Mabuhay Gardens, Berkeley Square, etc but failed to become a household name like some of the other bands they shared bills with or that were playing those same venues at that time. To my knowledge, this was their only release. They later formed the band Yo which is similar in sound, but Xmas Eve sat more on the punk side of the fence.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thee Katatonix 7" (Dud Spud 1983)

Welcome to the 1st post of 2011. It's been freakishly cold here in Bako over the past couple of months which to me, is great. Summer will be here before we know it and with that comes the hellish heat that plagues the majority of Central California. Also during these past couple of months, I've had a decent run with scoring records and this next one was scored during that time. I had been on the hunt for Thee Katatonix 7" ever since I found out about it through an aborted comp entitled "Hooked On Junk" which the song Basket Case was to appear on. There were only 500 pressed and all had blank hubs do to an error at the pressing plant so the band ended up hand labeling each one. These guys were from Laurel, Maryland but by their sound I would have guessed either Boston or New York. They have that scuzzy almost glam tone which brings to mind The Heartbreakers or something that Whiplash records would have released. They extended their line up to a four piece and played through the 80's. During that time they released another 7" plus an LP and one sided 12" which all had more of a slower psych sound.

Side A
Song 1:Valentine's Day

Song 2: Joie Du Vivre

Side B
Song 3: Basket Case