Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Xmas Eve 7" (self-released 1982)

Side A
Paint It Red

My House

Side B

Life's A Penitentiary

At first glance, this sleeve screams private press metal. That assumption quickly fades as soon as you drop the needle and you hear an outstanding artpunk record come spewing through your speakers. Xmas Eve hailed from El Sobrante, California which is in the East Bay not too far from Berkeley. These guys played around the usual venues like Mabuhay Gardens, Berkeley Square, etc but failed to become a household name like some of the other bands they shared bills with or that were playing those same venues at that time. To my knowledge, this was their only release. They later formed the band Yo which is similar in sound, but Xmas Eve sat more on the punk side of the fence.


  1. This shit is excellent buddy, you're always on point. FUTON FOR SUPREME INTERGALACTIC OVERLORD!!!

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  3. Why are you trying to make a grown man cry?

  4. I just found a copy of this 45 today (4/4) in a local recordstore in SF. "Paint In Red" is really, really good.

  5. Nice score, which store did you find it at? I picked up this copy via eBay about a year ago but lucky for me, I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Paint it Red is definitely the stand out track but the rest of the record stands up very well, not really a bad song on the thing.

  6. Some small on store on Haight Street. I think it has been sitting there for quite a while. My copy will go on eBay soon.