Monday, November 22, 2010

Aerosol Species 7" Chick Revolt/Ghetto Blasta (Self Released 1999)

Here's another impulse buy that paid off. Based on the description of the record by the seller and the price, it was another no brainer. I know next to nothing about it except that it was released in 1999 by the band and it would please folks that take to labels such as S.S. or Siltbreeze which, I include myself as one of those. The sleeve art was done by underground comic icon S. Clay Wilson. 2 noisy tracks of trashcan spazz punk that will leave you wanting more or at least wanting to know who the hell these guys were. I know I do.

Chick Revolt

Ghetto Blaster

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vex 4 Song 7" (Stolen Records 1984)

Here's one that was a bit late in the game but a ripper none the less. Vex were from Macon Georgia and probably the only good thing that came from there, musically speaking. While Atlanta has had the glory of producing such great bands as Swimming Pool Q's, Neon Christ, Kris Meth And The Mistakes, it was the town of Macon which is also known as the "Heart Of Georgia" that produced one of the states best in my humble opinion. I haven't seen or heard much talk of this one, which is a shame cause there's not a bad song on the thing. Vex had all the charm, chops, and synth racket of Dow Jones and The Industrials along with plenty of spite as you can hear in the tune My Wave which is my favorite track on here. Great band, great record, cool sleeve, what more could you want?
Side A
Song 1 - Transmutation

Song 2 - Here Come the Cops

Side B
Song 1 - Parentosaurus Rex

Song 2 - My Wave

Iranian Homos 7" (Self Released 2010)

Howdy, it's been a while. Work and laziness has postponed me updating so here goes 3 newbies to make up for lost time. Now With the state of the world today, especially the middle east, what would be more appropriate than another offensive punk record that came out of god knows where? This nasty lil sucker rivals Roach Motel and Aryan Disgrace in the bad taste lyric department which will certainly not get them any points with the MRR crowd but, I'm sure they're not too worried about that. 200 one sided copies pressed with a few on red. Here is 2 from this 5 songer. Find one before they're banned and burned.