Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vex 4 Song 7" (Stolen Records 1984)

Here's one that was a bit late in the game but a ripper none the less. Vex were from Macon Georgia and probably the only good thing that came from there, musically speaking. While Atlanta has had the glory of producing such great bands as Swimming Pool Q's, Neon Christ, Kris Meth And The Mistakes, it was the town of Macon which is also known as the "Heart Of Georgia" that produced one of the states best in my humble opinion. I haven't seen or heard much talk of this one, which is a shame cause there's not a bad song on the thing. Vex had all the charm, chops, and synth racket of Dow Jones and The Industrials along with plenty of spite as you can hear in the tune My Wave which is my favorite track on here. Great band, great record, cool sleeve, what more could you want?
Side A
Song 1 - Transmutation

Song 2 - Here Come the Cops

Side B
Song 1 - Parentosaurus Rex

Song 2 - My Wave

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