Sunday, July 25, 2010

R.A.F. 7" Echoes Of A Slamming Door/Cherry Blossom (Whiplash Records 1980)

Whiplash records, in it's short time, put out a nice little handful of singles that mostly concentrated on the New York scene except for 3 releases that came out of Connecticut, this being one from there. When it arrived in the mail it came with a nice little surprise in the form of a sleeve. This release was originally issued with no sleeve, so naturally my curiosity grew and I contacted Justin over at the Collectorscum site for help and he didn't let me down as he got in touch with Whiplash head honcho Andy Doback and he gave us the scoop on this elusive sleeve.

From Andy Doback:
"We never had an official pic sleeve for the RAF single. The sleeve in your email was done privately in the late 1980s by a French friend of ours called Morpho. His dad owned a printing shop in Paris where Morpho worked. He designed this sleeve and printed about 25 - he gave them to a few friends & I got about 10 for Rick, some of our friends, and me. He did a nice job. Unfortunately, Morpho died a few years ago - he had diabetes. He was a good friend of Eric & Pascal of the Holy Curse."

A big thanks goes to Justin and Andy Doback for the information.

R.A.F. - Side 1 Echoes Of A Slamming Door

R.A.F. - Side 2 Cherry Blossom

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