Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Terrorists 7" Crazy Life/Cry Girl Cry (Rorschach Records 1981)

Howdy everyone, it's been a while. I'd like to start 2012 with my best score of 2011. This 2 songer was quite headache inducing for me ever since I caught wind of it's existence a few years ago. Outside of a couple of folks around Bakersfield, the only other mention of the record that I had heard of was from collector great, Johan Kugelburg, on one of his blog posts. It has flown way below the radar of most collectors due to the simple fact that almost all of the records were thrown away by a band member. Coincidentally, another Bakersfield band and KBD alumni, The Lizerds, had the majority of their record pressing tossed out by a band member as well. Dumping their records wasn't the only thing these two bands had in common as the guitar player of the Lizerds also played on the Terrorists 7". Before I got the low down on the record, I questioned rather or not it even existed. After speaking with a couple of people who were involved in the scene back then and getting conformation that the record did really exist, I felt that getting a copy of my own was a pipe dream. The pressing info that was given to me was that a cringe inducing 107 copies were pressed to which 20 copies were sent to Rough Trade records in San Francisco, while a few copies were given away around town and some tossed out at a show only to be broken and thrown back at the band. Around 1985, a band member threw out the remaining press of between 70 to 80 copies. Out of the 2 songs, Crazy Life is my favorite. In a nut shell, if the guitar player of the Endtables joined the Grim/Klone Band and they dropped the drummer for Metal Urbain's drum machine I think it would sound like Crazy Life. The flip, Cry Girl Cry, falls somewhere between the Minutemen and Pere Ubu with it's bouncing base line and scratchy guitar skronk. Enjoy!

Almost forgot to say thanks to Greg and Chris Goodsell and also to Ronald AKA "Ron Jon Silver" for the background info on this one.

Side A: Crazy Life

Side B: Cry Girl Cry


  1. Great to see you doing some postings again! And nice obscure choices- this is what these here music blogs were intended for: to post rare stuff that most people have not heard. And the stories behind em. That Crash Street Kidds is so obscure, 99% of people have probably not even heard of it let alone have any idea what it sounds like. Is the Crash Street Kidds B-side really bad? I did not see that you do not include it in your posting. I just posted the Scarecrows EP up on my site this morning and rambled on about it.

  2. can i ask silly question?! where comes from the two kids on the banner?! cool picture

  3. It's originally from a catalog for an old Punk Rock store in LA called Poseur. The store went out of business in the early 80's. Here's a picture. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. that is what happened :) in oildale it got played once then tossed out the front door like a frisbee I heard.

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